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Skinner Drive

Skinner Drive Drainage Improvement Project

Tangipahoa Parish

Skinner Drive is located in the Green Acres Subdivision in south Tangipahoa Parish. The elevation at Skinner Drive is 39.5 ft. The purpose of this project is to provide solutions for drainage issues along Skinner Drive. The area is located in Flood Zone X according to the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map with base elevation for the site at 42.3 ft.

The surface water has historically sheet flowed from properties directly on the road, which carried it towards the outfall location. The outfall is located at the northeast corner of the subdivision, where runoff water collects in the grate inlet and gets taken away to the existing channel.

A hydrologic model was developed to simulate the rainfall-runoff process within the drainage basin. The National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) TR-55 Method was employed as the loss rate method, and the NRCS Travel-Time Method was used to calculate concentration times. Green Acres Subdivision doesn’t have any drainage structures to carry the water. All of the runoff sheets flow along the curbing of the road towards the outfall. Existing vegetation on the curbing obstructs the current path to the outfall. The road is crowned at the center, making it harder for water to cross the street at the intersections with adjacent streets (Charles Dr., Beckie Dr., Claire Dr.)

Quality Engineering & Surveying, LLC was selected to provide a hydrologic study and develop plans for the installation of a new subsurface system along the street to provide a clear path to the outfall location.

  • Location

    Tangipahoa Parish

  • Owner

    Tangipahoa Parish Government

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  • Project Type

    Government | Engineering Design

  • Services

    Topographic Survey, Civil Design, Drainage Improvement, HMGP, Hydrologic/Hydraulic Study & Analysis, Benefit Cost Analysis, Utility Coordination

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