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Watershed Study

Quality Engineering and Surveying, LLC was selected to provide surveying and engineering service to improve drainage with LPGDD1. At approximately eighteen (18) miles, Gray’s Creek is the largest drainage project to be undertaken in Livingston Parish.

Quality Engineering & Surveying utilized five full time survey crews, staff, and professional engineers over the span of 3 months to design and develop a retainage system to reduce the effect of inland flooding in Livingston Parish.

The scope of the land surveying work was to collect field data on Gray’s Creek Crossings and tributary intersections for purpose of developing HECRAS  model. Some of the field data included cross sections adjacent to crossings, cross section upstream of crossing (50’ for culvert crossing; 300’ for  bridge crossing). This watershed study covers 31,117 miles.

Few engineering challenges are as complex as mapping out and understanding the interaction of rainfall and storm events of all sizes with human activity and development, including farms, homes, buildings, roads, bridges, and natural and man-made drainage systems. QES created a Master Plan built on multiple layers of data and knowledge to understand both current and future storm events as they relate to the citizens and development of Livingston Parish.

The Livingston Parish Gravity Drainage District 1 is comprised of 10 separate watersheds. Engineers researched and analyzed each (upper left). One layer of data is how land is currently used (upper right); engineers also analyzed soil type, topography, current drainage systems and their status (physical condition and design) of each watershed as well as the location, capacity and design of all culverts and bridges within the watersheds (lower left).

During the multiple years of analysis, Quality Engineering and Surveying (QES) created specific and detailed analysis of each watershed (lower right), including recommendations and costs for drainage improvements ranging from simple dredging and clearing of existing ditches to widening and new construction of canals, levees, pumps, and retention ponds.

The result is a modern, technologically advanced way to view, explain and understand the details of hundreds of specific locations and interactions within the district.

  • Location

    Livingston Parish, Louisiana

  • Owner

    Livingston Parish

  • Completion Date


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  • Services

    Topographic survey, Civil Design Public Outreach, Hydrologic & Hydraulic Study & Analysis

  • Size

    703 Square Miles

  • Accolades

    ACEC Engineering Excellence Award

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