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Juban Square


Denham Springs, Louisiana

Situated on one of the busiest corners in the fast-growing Juban Road corridor, Juban Square offers a multitude of tenant business types, while being nearby to national brands and businesses. An outdoor dining plaza was incorporated to allow visitors to enjoy the weather, as well as expand capacity for the restaurant tenants.

Based around a timeless and modern aesthetic, the architecture at Juban Square includes contemporary elements such as custom-colored acrylic canopies, hand-crafted custom logo medallions, as well as decorative lighting, both on the building as well as within the parking area, with LED color-changing technology enhances up-lighting to allow a cultural and seasonal mood with festive color schemes. The quality of the architecture and the construction exceeded structures in the surrounding area.

The center intentionally acts as the heart of the intersection of three roads, and allows vehicles and pedestrians to circulate easily with high accessibility with triple drive access.

This site faced a significant logistical and engineering challenge in that the property was separated from adjacent Juban Road (a state highway) by a state-maintained drainage ditch.
Designers had to work with various state agencies and meet state specifications to enclose the drainage ditch in underground pipes and cover with substrate to raise the elevation, creating a safe and efficient transition from the state road to the property that is able to support ingress and egress of traffic to the center.

  • Location

    Denham Springs, Louisiana

  • Owner

    Juban Square, LLC.

  • Completion Date


  • Project Type


  • Services

    Topographic Survey, Drainage, Construction Plans, Storm Water Management, Landscape Plan, Conceptual Site Design

  • Size

    ~23,000 SF | 3 Acres

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