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Wildcat Football Stadium

The Central Wildcat Football Stadium project included redesigning and replacing the natural grass football field and drainage with a new synthetic playing surface. The entire project included new concrete pedestrian paving, new field fencing, a new offset goal post system, and a new field electrical receptacles and domestic water service. In addition, the stadium added a new LED, color-changing sports field and site lighting system, as well as a new video scoreboard and play clock replacements.

The Central Community School System wanted to add value to its community by upgrading an older into a multi-use athletic facility with artificial turf for high-school level play of both football and lacrosse; the facility was to include a walking loop for the public complete with safety lighting. This is, essentially, an intentional renewal and re-imagination of a public space.

The improvements, intended to create a community center of activity, included replacement of the existing natural grass sports field with a synthetic field system; the replacement of field and stadium drainage; replacement of existing field perimeter fencing; new concrete pavement and access to existing bleachers and grandstands, as well as new goal post systems, with goal post pads, and modern video system integrated with new scoreboard.

Central High School, a well-known regional school and the only high school in Central, Louisiana, required upgraded facilities for its quality football program. Acquiring and using land at a nearby middle school was part of the solution. This is the only high-school sports venue in the city, and enjoys high public support. The new facilities had to meet community expectations for appeal and functionality.

The final project incorporates several innovations:
– LED lighting with RGB color- changing technology
– Video Scoreboard integrated with wireless access to field cameras to sideline images, players, bios and statistics.
– New Product. A new, granular infill sprinkled into turf to help weight, cool turf and add shock absorption. This is likely the first park in U.S. to use this product, called “Geocool Infill.” It is broadcast into the turf to add weight and keep turf in place, to keep surface cool, and to provide shock absorption.

  • Location

    Central, Louisiana

  • Owner

    Central Community School System

  • Completion Date


  • Project Type


  • Services

    Topographic Survey, Civil Engineering, Construction Plans, Drainage, Landscape Architecture, Flood Zone Determination

  • Size

    95,000 SQ FT

  • Awards

    Good Growth People's Choice Award

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